Saturday, June 9, 2012

Shopping for Love!!!

Dear Readers,

I just wanted to let you know that my dear friend and fellow author, Lynette Sofras, has her new romance out this weekend! Even better, it's FREE! Go and grab your copy - you know that good things never last. ;-) I read it, loved it. It's a sweet and heartwarming love story with a touch of British humour and realistic enough to make readers believe that this could happen to all of ous - meet an incredibly gorgeous guy in the isle of a supermarket and instantly fall in love. Enjoy!

Love can find you in the strangest places - but it's never for sale!
They meet - of all places - buying tomatoes in the supermarket and there’s no denying the attraction is mutual.  But Greg, a software developer, is still raw from his painful divorce and Emma, his children’s teacher, is recovering from her own heartache.  Then the reappearance of Emma's career-obsessed ex-boyfriend and Greg's spiteful ex-wife threatens to kill their new love before it has even begun.

Is Emma’s love strong enough to survive Greg’s demanding past and the threats to both their careers?  What will be the cost of falling in love in a world where everything comes with a high price tag?

Get your free copy here: