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Book Giveaway "House of Pleasure" on Bitten by Paranormal Romance!

Bitten by Paranormal Romance: Book promo giveaway: If you haven't read it yet, don't miss my book giveaway on Bitten by Paranormal Romance!

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Guest Post by Author Iris Blobel!

Today I have the great pleasure to welcome a friend and fellow writer, Iris Blobel, to my blog! She'll tell you how we originally met on the internet. ;-) It's a honor having you here, Iris, and thanks so much for your great guest post! *hugs*



Here’s the thing (LOL, always wanted to start a blog with these words) – I reckon, the very talented Deborah and I grew up within a vicinity of, let me guess, 200km to each other, yet we now live worlds apart. We sometimes communicate in a language which is not our native tongue. We met via a forum dedicated to the equally talented actor Luke Goss, who I like for his music in the late 80s and Deborah likes for his role in Hellboy II.

And there are people who say “Journey to Her Dreams”, where a young girl from Tasmania is travelling to Ireland to figure out her dreams, is farfetched. Go figure!

I lived in London as an “AuPair” during the days when the music by above named actor screamed out of my room or my walkman– having the time of my life. My friend then was Michaela, or Mickey to me and her friends. Not only beautiful on the outside, but beautiful on the inside as well. With her sister Anja we roamed the streets of London, danced the nights away in the “Hippodrome” (does that still exist?) and just enjoyed life. Some days better, some days not so good. I went back to live in Germany and lost track – probably my fault.

Life’s busy, right? Especially when you’re young and those days we didn’t have skype, internet or such. I moved “worlds away” and sadly years later I received the news that she had died. I cried. Silently, but for a few days. Initially sad and then I turned angry for my lack of persistence to stay in touch. But life is that way. Though much easier and better nowadays with what we’ve got, but harder with the amount of people we get to know over the internet – each person so special in their own rights, but so little time. I try my best – saying a quick FB or twitter hello. Do you?

Back to my book! Well “Journey to Her Dreams” is dedicated to Mickey. Well and truly, but I can’t really tell you too much about the “why” because I would just give it away. I wanted to have something in my life that reminded me of her, and reminds me every week of “stay in touch with Anja!”

Check out this little trailer – with Mickey! – to see what the story is all about. I hope one day you will read it and like it as much as I liked writing it!

Excerpt from "Journey to her Dreams"

“Morning, Dad,” Hollie said.

“Morning, love. Another late night?” Murray handed her a coffee.

She walked over to him and gave him a kiss. “Not really, but first I couldn’t unwind, and then, well, the usual, I’d say.”
Murray watched her with some concern. “Another one of those disturbing dreams?” he asked.

Hollie sat on the chair. She nodded. “Yes. And they’re getting to me.”

There was worry in Murray’s voice. “Love, have you tried to talk to someone about it?”

“No, I haven’t. What am I supposed to say? I’m having dreams about someone being abused?”

Hollie’s bad dreams had started late the previous year. She had these odd dreams of this woman sitting in the corner of a room crying. With tears falling down her face, the woman was inconsolable, and all Hollie wanted to do was hug her. She wanted to assure her everything was going to be all right. But she couldn’t reach her. Hollie would toss and turn in bed, waking in a sweat. She knew this was more than just a dream. The aching of her body in the morning mirrored the pain she saw in the woman’s eyes. Most of the nights Hollie’s eyes burned dryly from sleeplessness, and often she kept herself awake, just wishing it would go away. Murray sat next to her and took her into his arms. Though she’d never told him the exact details of the dreams, he knew they were affecting her. Big time! She was tired and worn out by the emotional rollercoaster, but she met all his advice to see someone with a smile and an I’ll be all right attitude.

~ Amazon ~~ BookStrand ~~ All Romance Books ~~ Barnes & Noble ~~ Astraea Press ~

Author's Bio:

Born & raised in Germany I now live in Australia with my husband and my two lovely girls. I found my love for writing only a few years back. The book SDME is my little baby and the feedback from readers have been wonderful. My second book "Journey to her Dreams" was released by Astraea Press in November.

Guest of the Day: Author Kelly Hitchcock!

I'm happy to welcome my fellow author Kelly Hitchcock to my blog today! She has written a special guest post about the long, adventurous and sometimes painful process of writing and publishing a book. It's a pleasure to have you here, Kelly!

Kelly I. Hitchcock is an up-and-coming writer in the Austin, Texas area. She is author of various poems about the randomness of life, several short stories, random creative nonfiction works, and the coming-of-age novel The Redheaded Stepchild. It is available as an e-book or paperback on Amazon. You'll find Kelly's awesome website here!



I loved everything about my first novel, The Redheaded Stepchild. I loved the title. I loved the characters. I loved writing it. I loved how authentic it felt in my head as I was writing it. Then one day I finished it, and the dreadful Now what? question popped into my head. I knew the book was great, and would be the greatest thing unleashed on a reading public. I was married to the book.
I started in the As of the Writer’s Market, and before I knew it, I had been turned down by everyone all the way to the Hs. I didn’t write anything else, because in my heart I just knew I could never again write something so evocative and genuine again in my life.

I put in a drawer and said that I would try to get it published again one day when I was ready. I was somehow shocked that sitting in a drawer, I didn’t have offers for publication flying into the mailbox. I endured kicks in the ass from countless friends who threatened to disown me if I didn’t keep trying and write something new.

So I did. I forced myself to write more stuff, still convinced that no matter what I wrote, it would never be as good as The Redheaded Stepchild. But then, when I pulled the manuscript out of the drawer, I realized it was not the greatest thing to be unleashed on a reading public, after all. It wasn’t even close to being my best work. As I re-read it with a changed set of eyes and a large dose of dramatic distance, I realized that the main character I was so in love with was actually kind of a pathetic, sniveling bitch. The book I was married to was really kind of… disappointing.

I looked at the calendar and realized that seven years had gone by since I had written the first chapter of The Redheaded Stepchild, and I was still waiting for a windfall to come my way for something that, I now realized, was nowhere near as publication-ready as I’d thought. Why was I still waiting when I had this great new novel idea with a lot of promise bouncing around inside my head? Why didn’t I just strike out on my own?

So I did. I took a ruthless red pen to the imperfect manuscript. I cut, I changed names, I expanded scenes, and I finally got it to a point where I truly felt it was good. Not the best thing I’d ever write in my life, but good. The lesson here? You should never be married to one manuscript. The Redheaded Stepchild was my first novel, and it’s a good one, but it won’t be my last.

The Redheaded Stepchild: Cady O’Donnell is The Redheaded Stepchild, the heroine without any grandiose heroic actions. In this disjointed collection of short stories, we follow Cady as she tries on every hat in the this-is-your-life store to see what fits and works best in the adventures she shares with her special head of hair. Each chapter acts a screaming independent connection between the most formative years of her life, as she meets, lives with, and loses one of the most influential people in her lifetime. Set in a rural community in Minnesota, The Redheaded Stepchild is an archetype of life in small-town America and a testament that the broken family is the new whole family, just as Cady O’Donnell shows how the unwanted stepchild can be an everyday hero.

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Winners of the House of Pleasure Giveaway!

Here are the winners of my "House of Pleasure" ebook giveaway!


Congrats - I hope you'll enjoy my story. I'd also like to thank everyone who participated, I was delighted to read your wonderful and interesting comments.


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A Visit by Author Kathleen West-Townsend

Dear Readers,

Since I've decided to regularly introduce fellow authors and their books on my blog, a big welcome to Kathleen West-Townsend, author of the hot Hurri-Kaine Series!

When I read Kathleen's first book, "Heart of the Hurri-Kaine", I thought that it was an ingenious idea to choose the 80s-Hard Rock/Heavy Metal scene as a setting for a gothic-style romance. If you remember the times when we gals screamed for Bon Jovie, Guns N Roses or Poison (wow, these guys had great hair and make-up - and they were still considered sexy!), this book is definitely your cup of tea!

Here's an excerpt of the book, enjoy!!! Thank you, Kathleen, for visiting! ;-)


Heart of the Hurri-Kaine

Sensual, sexy, and sometimes sizzling, Heart of the Hurri-Kaine, is every woman’s fantasy of sex, drugs, and rock and roll with the most gorgeous men in music. Set in the 1980s Holly Hill and lead singer Kaine Walker surrender to a whirlwind, headline-grabbing love affair that is threatened by Luka Hunter the powerful CMT representative.

Warning: Excerpt features adult content, please stop reading if you're under legal age or feel offended by sexual references. Everyone else, prepare for a hawt read! ;-)


A moment later Luka pushed through the doorway. He was heart stopping gorgeous.

Holly's breath quickened as she drank in every inch of Luka.

He was absolutely beautiful!

He never said a word. He flicked his dark blond, wet hair behind his back. His eyes flashed. They said it all, he was coming after her....

She wanted to squeal with delight as Luka crossed the room, dropping his cap onto the floor. His leather jacket landed with a thud. Then he pulled his Hurri-Kaine T-shirt from his back throwing it on the floor. He sat with his back to her, near the edge of the bed, pulling off his boots and socks, adding them to the trail of clothing. He suddenly paused. In her peripheral vision she saw him unbuttoned the top button of his Levis.

He was ready.

Her heart raced.

He turned to look at her and Luka's smile lit up the room.

She knew what he was thinking. Could she do this? He was still technically a stranger. Yet she was stunned, then overwhelmed by the sight of him.

With a majestic wave of his hand Luka pulled the sheet off her, then his foot kicked it to the floor while he stretched out like a beautiful sleek, wild cat. She crawled across the bed to close the distance between them, until she lay at his side. The clean, freshly showered, scent of him set her body on fire.

Dizzy from his lusty entrance, Holly then realized she never had a chance.

Luka said. "My turn. Let me look at you." A sexy, boyish smile curled around his lip, his radiant blue eyes burned every inch of her flesh. She relished being the center of his attention. If he could make her feel this desirable with just a look, she didn't dare imagine the pleasure she would feel when he was stirring her with his magic.

Luka laid his warm hand gently on the calf of her leg and while inching its way up he whispered. "Soft, smooth, like the velvet feel of rose petals." He took a long lusty breath and added.

"You're so different, tender ... shy ... but willing...."

His appraisal of her was music to her soul, but her cheeks stung. Suddenly embarrassed at her bold impulse, Holly squirmed to pull a corner of the sheet left on the bed up to cover herself.

"Luka...." Was all that tumbled out, as she sucked in her bottom lip and quickly fluffed her damp red-tinted hair around her shoulders to shield herself and pulled her legs up.

"Don't," he begged.

"Don't hide your beauty behind shyness for me. I understand shyness. It's a rare quality, so often over looked by the women I come in to contact with daily."

Luka stretched his arm out long, fanned his fingers, wrapped them around her ankle, and retraced his movements.

Almost giddy, but still very self-conscious, from his slow, sensual, movements, Holly straightened her back, and curled her legs up just a bit more.

"Please, trust me. Let me see your muscles move, how your skin reacts to my touch. I want to watch your silky, long, ginger hair, fall to the side of your beautiful body, watch as your breast rise and fall excited by my touch. Let me enjoy you," he said enticingly.

Instead of melting right there, where did her sudden paralyzing confusion come from? She wanted his touch, but insecurity suddenly raced in circles about her mind. She was so out of her league, kidding herself that after being with only one man so long ago, that she could handle this elegant world traveler.

She nervously reached out to touch Luka's smooth shaven face, and with each stroke to his face, his eyes begged her to have faith in him.

Words followed to convert her. "Please trust me. Your eyes say they want me. Your body says yes. Turn off your mind, forget your past, you're with me now ... trust me."

She was thunderstruck! What an impossible thing to ask. She searched his eyes ... how could she trust him.

But his persuasive words were backed by a lusty firestorm in his eyes. He was more overpowering than any daydream could have prepared her for. Her hand trembled, cupping his chin. He nestled into her palm, as if he'd take anything she offered. He pressed his lips to the fleshy valley of her palm leaving a moist trail. Luka closed his dreamy eyes, as he rubbed the top of her leg hungry for her touch.

He was sooo sensual.

The devil himself couldn't have convinced her any better. His face was relaxed, his eyes closing, becoming more angelic by the second. But he wasn't an angel, he was a man and he was almost too perfect.

She reached over and pulled a long lock of his golden hair, draping it over the tiniest ear decorated with a small delicate gold hoop.

Luka opened his eyes.

She gazed into his amazing Technicolor blue eyes, truly bewildered. She didn’t have world-class charm or experience and she wondered. Why are you here?

But he was. Luka with his dreamy angel eyes, and lazy, sinful smile that was parting his lips. Luka pulled his fingers though Holly's hair exposing her breasts causing his eyes to glow with delight. His fingertips traced the chasm down the center of her chest, and then molded his hand to fit her plump mounds. He moved closer to nuzzled her cheek with his head, sweeping her breasts with his scented hair as he dropped down to lay beside her, wrapping his top leg about hers. He was grounding her before his lips began a feast, planting a circle of kisses around her breasts. He was convincing her to come on an adventure with him. One she would never forget and she couldn't feel her fingernails digging into her palms.

Luka's smooth, warm, hand caressed the length of her body, coaxing tiny bumps to rise in celebration on her skin. He spoke to her with the rhythm of his body, urging her to relax, enjoy, and let him touch her. He pulled his leg from on top of hers and gently pressed her to lie on her back and her legs uncoiled and straightened.

He wanted all of her.

Trying to accept him more easily, she wondered what exquisite pleasure he would intrigue her with now. A moment later, his hair brushed her breast with a light tickle. His warm lips dropped kisses onto her shoulder like dew drops.

She heard his words of praise. "You're so lovely, so sexy ... you make me so hard...."

She felt his eyes burn into her flesh, then his tongue. The hot tip followed the ridge of her breast up to the curve of her neck. His warm, powerful hand traveled down past her breasts to cover her thigh, while his persuasive tongue searched her skin, to mark every inch of her.

This man was definitely no angel. Certain to devour her, as he pulled his hand along the inside of her leg, stopping only for a moment at the top of her thighs before he slipped his hand inside.

She was biting her lip bloody and she didn't care.

His fingers spread apart and she heard his words quietly near her ear. "Open your legs a bit, let me in."

The husky tone of Luka's voice slammed into her. "Trust me."

"Take me there...." She whispered as she closed her eyes.

"I will if you'll let me touch you, let me kiss you, let me taste you ... let me in .... I can make you fly."



"Blood of the Hurri-Kaine", NOW AVAILABLE AT



"Blood of the Hurri-Kaine", DUE 2012

Contact Kathleen at:

Facebook , Blog The Hurri-Kaine Series: January 2012, Twitter

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Book Giveaway!!!

Dear Readers,

To celebrate the release of my new novella, "House of Pleasure", I'll give away three copies of the book (in any e-book format)! To participate, just write a comment about why you like to read erotic stories for women. Don't forget to include your e-mail!!!

I'll announce the three winners next Wednesday. Good Luck!


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"House of Pleasure" released!

Dear Readers,

As women, we are trying to be a "good girl" since our early youth. While boys are often allowed to live out their wild side before starting a family, society still expects young women to "behave", not to date too many men, and find happiness in marriage and their children.

But have you ever dreamed of a place where you are allowed to indulge your most secret fantasies, without anyone to judge you, and without consequences or guilt? A beautiful, lush place where gorgeous men obey your every wish and whim, every erotic fantasy is possible, and even your unreachable dream guy - a movie star - shows up, falling for you head over heels?

A magic house would do that for you, a luxurious Victorian mansion that fulfills its female owner's every wish. Everything is allowed - except falling in love.

In my new erotic novella, "House of Pleasure", I tried to weave such secret dreams into a story. It's just a woman's fantasy, and I hope you enjoy reading as much as I had fun writing it.

"House of Pleasure" is now available for Kindle at Amazon, and for all other readers at Smashwords.

With all my best wishes for the new year,

Deborah Court


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