Monday, January 2, 2012

"House of Pleasure" released!

Dear Readers,

As women, we are trying to be a "good girl" since our early youth. While boys are often allowed to live out their wild side before starting a family, society still expects young women to "behave", not to date too many men, and find happiness in marriage and their children.

But have you ever dreamed of a place where you are allowed to indulge your most secret fantasies, without anyone to judge you, and without consequences or guilt? A beautiful, lush place where gorgeous men obey your every wish and whim, every erotic fantasy is possible, and even your unreachable dream guy - a movie star - shows up, falling for you head over heels?

A magic house would do that for you, a luxurious Victorian mansion that fulfills its female owner's every wish. Everything is allowed - except falling in love.

In my new erotic novella, "House of Pleasure", I tried to weave such secret dreams into a story. It's just a woman's fantasy, and I hope you enjoy reading as much as I had fun writing it.

"House of Pleasure" is now available for Kindle at Amazon, and for all other readers at Smashwords.

With all my best wishes for the new year,

Deborah Court

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