Thursday, November 1, 2012

Favorite Blogger of the Month (November)

Here's my Favorite Blooger of November - Vanessa Romano, with her awesome blog The Jeep Diva! Welcome to my blog, Vanessa. It's wonderful to have you here.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your blog. Why did you decide to start reviewing books, and which genres do you feature?
I am a 34 year old domestic engineer. I am married to the most awesome man ever. We have 7 furkids and live in the boonies.
The Jeep Diva (I drive 2 & I am one) I have 5 review ninjas that help me out. Most are very specific as to what they enjoy reading. One gal only wants m/m, another only wants the really dark and gritty erotics, and one prefers the light romance and inspirational love stories. We review romances, all the various sub genres. My love of horror and the recent zombie obsession turns up in a post on occasion.
November 2010 I went to my first con, Readers N Ritas. There was a panel about blogging reviews. At the time I was writing my reviews solely for goodreads. I thought this might be something I could do with my spare time. I have a freakish amount of spare time.

What genres do you read in private?
None. I proudly read my smut, horror, apocalypse, you name it. I am never ashamed of my love for a good book!

What is your most favorite book(s) of all time?
Stephen King’s Dark Tower series

With all those books being offered to you, you surely must be a bit picky about what you read. What intrigues you most in a story? Are you influenced by a good blurb or cover?
I’m big on the pursuit. I love the chase that leads the hero and heroine to their happily ever after. Covers may get me to notice a book, but blurbs and reviews from people who share common reading interests that I do will sell me a book.

How on earth do you find the time to manage such a busy blog besides your job and family life?
LOL! The Hub works out of the country. He is gone for a month at a time. I am home alone for a month at a time. I live like a hermit when the Hub is gone. I seldom leave the house. I read, get the posts set up, and basically do two months of stuff in those 30 days he is gone. The moment he comes home we travel nonstop. It gets pretty crazy when he is home. I seldom even have the chance to pick up a book when he is around.

Be honest: Is it easy or difficult to deal with us writers? I know that we can be an unorganized, sensitive lot sometimes. (You don't need to tell names …)
At conventions and signings I will approach. I’m not a shy person. I seldom email authors. If authors open that door I have no problem approaching them at a future date. Initial contact via the internet is a whole other story.

You will be attending the first Indie Romance Convention next year! Please tell us what you've planned for the event.
Nothing. Because of all the traveling I do with the Hub when I get the opportunity to go on a trip by myself I do absolutely no planning. I fly by the seat of my pants and just go with the flow. LOL He is such a taskmaster. He plans every little detail weeks in advance and making lists. I totally rock the no planning and hope for the best when I arrive.  

Just for fun - some quickies:

Favorite movie: Tombstone
Favorite TV series: Criminal Minds (Shemar Moore is the hawtness!)
Favorite singer/band: Volbeat
Most beautiful male celebrity: Shemar Moore (watch Criminal Minds people)
Sexiest fictional hero ever: Devyn from Gena Showalter’s Alien Huntress series
Best fictional villain ever: Devina from JR Ward’s Fallen Angel series
Best fictional heroine ever: Sabina Kane
Your secret beauty tip: Clairsonic and sunscreen
Your secret favorite cooking/baking recipe:
Maw Maw Mac (my grandmother made this all the time)
2 cups uncooked elbow noodles
1 stick butter (the real stuff)
1 block Romano cheese (the good stuff, Kraft ain’t gonna work)
Cook/boil the noodles, drain the noodles, shred the cheese, combine cheese and noodles in a bowl, and mix. Burn the butter dark brown and pour over noodles and cheese. Mix it all over again. YUM!

Thank you so much, Vanessa! It was a pleasure having you here. I'll definitely try this recipe *mjam mjam* And I love both your gorgeous car and this cute doggie threesome. ;-)