Sunday, May 20, 2012

Guest post on Bitten by Paranormal Romance

This week, I am featured on one of my most favorite blogs, "Bitten by Paranormal Romance", with a guest post! If you don't know this awesome blog yet - it's packed with book reviews and giveaways -, I can highly recommend it.

You'll find the original post here and a Midalah's new review of "Virgin Dancer" here. Special thanks to Laurie for inviting me again.

Step into my World
By Deborah Court
(originally written for "Bitten by Paranormal Romance")

Before I started to write myself, I worked as an editor and translator of romance novels. It was the job of my dreams, since I've always enjoyed reading, and this gave me not only the opportunity to enjoy many books from different genres, but also enabled me to get to know how they are structured, what is elemental to a story. More importantly, I learned what readers expect from a book. A plot and interesting characters are elementary, but the real challenge for a good story is that it's supposed to take the reader into another world for the entire length of it, starting from page one.

It's all about escapism. God knows we need it nowadays, especially young people who struggle with getting a decent education and a career, or hard-working mothers who run their families like a tireless, multi-tasking robot each day. They have a job, loads of housework, take care of their children and elderly family members while they often neglect their own wishes and needs. I have learned that those women are my most faithful readers; they give me incredible, heartwarming feedback. "Thank you for helping me escape for a while," is something I often read in my readers' messages, and to me as a writer, it's the biggest compliment imaginable.

But is escapism a good or bad thing? (Naturally, escape can also be experienced through watching movies, TV shows or other forms of entertainment, but being an author, I'd like to talk about books for now.) There are people who'd argue that such avid readers prefer to live in their own worlds - or, in the case of a fiction book, in a world a writer created for them. But this world, whether it's fantastic or very close to reality, lingers on in their minds long after they finish reading; it feeds their own inner world, the childlike part of their soul that's still able to be in utter awe of a breathtaking sight, believing that whatever they are craving for can actually happen. Sometimes astonishing creativity blooms after readers lose themselves in a compelling story - there are myriads of talented fan fiction writers and artists online who got motivated by a book they particularly liked in the first place.

Now this can't possibly be a bad thing, can it? Don't have a bad conscience if you like to escape for a while. We all need to from time to time. You've earned your own private fantasy, and it will give you renewed strength to face life when you need to get out of bed in the morning. Because the world you found in a book will linger inside you, still filling you with joyous wonder and hope long after you turned the last page.