Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Everyone's a winner!!!

Dear Readers,

I hope y'all had a great holiday season with your loved ones!!!

Let's announce the winners of our recent book giveaway of Lynette Sofras's "The Apple Tree"!

And the two winners are ... tadaaaa!!!

There are not only two, but FIVE giveaways! As it's still the Christmas season, Lyn and I have decided that you are all winners and will each receive a free copy of 'The Apple Tree'! I hope you enjoy reading the novel as much as I did.

Hey - there's even more to come! Since we're still feeling extremely Christmas-y today, every winner will get a copy of my book, "Bound to the Prince", too!

And here are the lucky winners:

Gena Robertson
Jenny Twist
Sharon Baker (we need your e-mail addy, Sharon!)
Shelby Forbes
Iris Blobel

For all other readers who'd like to check out Lynette's wonderful book, you can order it here:
Kindle version
Nook version
Smashwords (all other versions)
Lyn's Book at Goodreads

Thanks for participating, and happy reading! If you liked the book, please leave a short review for Lyn on Amazon, Goodreads or B&N, it will be much appreciated.

Yours truly,