Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Between the Sheets with Elven Warriors

I admit that this headline isn't absolutely correct. Thinking of sexy, playful elven males, you might expect them to make love in all places but a bed - maybe on the forest floor among the fallen leaves, on a tree, in the warm waters of a magic pool set in a beautiful, firefly-lit cave. But between sheets? Well, maybe if those sheets were made of the finest black silk, woven by tiny fairies for their beloved Fae prince.

Now I’ve got your attention, right? At least if you're a woman. Did you see all of those pictures right inside your mind, did you perhaps imagine yourself being held by strong male arms, engaged in a kiss so sweet, so seductive that it can make a woman weep with pleasure? Immortals are good kissers, ladies. After ages of eager practice you should certainly expect them to be.

But I bet that you imagined even more than I wrote. For instance, you probably didn't just see a forest, you saw an enchanted forest, with golden leaves, fairy lights and magical creatures inhabiting those old trees. You saw the magnificent body of your elven lover, his long, braided hair covering your entangled bodies, brushing over your skin like the most exquisite silk. Or you saw the underground lake, steam rising up from the surface which reflected the beautiful structures of the stalagmite formations on the ceiling above you. And you saw those black sheets, on a huge four-poster wooden bed, richly adorned with elven symbols.

It's magic. It's telepathy. But that's exactly what turns us on when it comes to sex, ladies. Something out of the ordinary. We want to be treated like a queen, no, a goddess, cherished and desired; and taken to places so beautiful that it takes our breath away.

Let's face it - we women want it all when having an erotic fantasy. Yes, we love our romance spiced up with frequent sex scenes, and yes, besides the lovey-dovey we want to read something really kinky at times. Secretly, we yearn for a man who just takes what he wants, who's possessive and totally in control of the situation. In bed, we love being weak, but we would never, ever, betray that to the men in our lives. Our primal instincts drive us to mate with the strongest, the fiercest male in the tribe; yet the modern woman in us needs him to be helpful with the kids and household. But the true question is: Will Conan the Barbarian still look sexy to us after we tamed him and made him take the dirty laundry down to the basement?

Because of this conflict, we love to read stories that take us to magic worlds and allow us that guilty pleasure of behaving like a cave woman again, choosing the alpha male who makes us swoon with his mere presence. When you write erotic scenes, no matter if it's paranormal romance, fantasy or any other genre, you have to keep that secret nature of women in mind. Indulging in such fantasies can be nearly as good as the real thing, and we truly deserve it, after all we have to achieve in our everyday lives; our daily routine filled to the brim with work, our careers, caring for our children and beloved ones (even if they are not so very alpha most of the time).

Being a writer, it is my greatest joy to help you escape for a while - into a world beyond your wildest dreams, swept away by one of my magnificent elven warriors. I promise that your naughty little secret will be safe with me.

For who could deny a woman the innocent pleasure of reading a book?

Yours truly,
Deborah Court

This guest post was written for and first published on Bitten by Paranormal Romance Blog. Special thanks to Laurie! ;-)